Edward T. Stein Receivership H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver of Edward T. Stein Associates, Ltd


Receiver’s Notice of Termination and Exhibits

Today the Receiver filed the Receiver's Notice of Termination and Request for Discharge, along with various exhibits, including a proposed final distribution to investors.  Please click the links below to review copies of these filings.  A copy of the notice will also be sent out to investors today as well.  Please contact the Receiver's office if you have any questions.

277 - Receiver's Notice of Termination


277-1 SFAR

277-2 Final Distribution Schedule

277-3 Receiver 2013

277-4 Receiver 2014

277-5 Receiver 2015

277-6 Receiver Compliance Certification

277-7 Phillips Murrah 2013

277-8 Phillips Murrah 2014

277-9 Phillips Murrah 2015

277-10 Phillips Murrah Compliance Certification

277-11 Order Correcting Statement of Reasons

277-12 Proposed Order

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